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Running a California Business is Hard, Legal Risks Have Never Been Higher

California has the most burdensome wage-and-hour laws in the country. Your biggest employee lawsuit risks are related to these wage-and-hour laws regarding timekeeping, rest breaks, meal breaks, and more. Today employees are more likely to take legal action against their employer than at any other time in history, and the current business climate has experts predicting a significant rise in these lawsuits.


Employment class actions filed against California businesses in 2015


Employment class actions filed against California businesses in 2017


Employment class actions filed against California businesses in 2019


Typical cost for a lawsuit with under 50 employees


Typical cost for a lawsuit with 50-250 employees


Typical cost for a lawsuit with over 250 employees
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California Class Action and Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) Lawsuits

California has some of the most exhaustive and complex employment laws in the country. There are hundreds of potential Labor Code violations and thousands of lawyers ready to file lawsuits seeking penalties for everything from missed or untimely meal periods to inaccurate pay stubs. Additionally, there are a growing number of lawsuits filed under the Private Attorneys General Act (“PAGA”), which allow a single employee to sue for all “aggrieved employees” for small violations of the Labor Code.

What Should You Do?

Get started with Cal Comply and train every employee on your wage and hour policies, confirm they know the law, and certify they know your policies.

  • Educate Employees and Managers about California law and your company policies
  • Train Managers on how to identify wage and hour issues and resolve them appropriately
  • Verify that Employees and Managers have been trained on company policies with certification exams
  • Keep a record of the training for each employee with signed certificates of completion

Designed for any business in California with non-exempt, hourly employees, Cal Comply prevents employee wage and hour lawsuits without the need to hire lawyers.

Features and Courses

Everything you need is included.

Everything you need is included. The CCS Wage and Hour Toolkit comes with:

  • Employee training booklet for all your employees.
Employee test and a certification packet that is easy to scan/file.
  • Manager training booklets for all your managers.
Manager test and certification packet.
A step-by-step guide for rolling out and managing the training.
Best practices for your business on the most common wage and hour lawsuits.
Basic customization for your business.

Typical Cost
of Defending and Settling
a Small Wage and Hour Lawsuit


or greater


Cost to Deter
Lawsuits with CCS

Small employer pricing as low as


Large employer pricing
as low as $29 per employee*

*Price listed is an example only. Pricing depends on the number of employees to be trained, possible customization needs, and other factors. Please call for a quote for your organization.

See how affordable CCS can be for your business.

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